Felipe Almeida "Alaido"


Brazilian visual artist and illustrator, who has been exploring his creativity on the streets, representing with his monochromatic style all the culture and striking characteristics of the regions he passes through. He has daily moments as references, the essence of the Brazilian northeastern black culture and its connection with elements of nature. With the simplicity of the lines, he dialogues with the popular imagination, provoking reflections and reactions that feed creativity, leaving impressions in the form of art in idle urban spaces. He participated in national and international street art festivals, as well as individual and collective exhibitions around Brazil.




Solo exhibitions


2020 - Relento - Igatu, Bahia, Brazil

2018 - Florescência - Igatu, Bahia, Brazil

Collective Exhibitions

2019 - Além da Rua Festival - Sousa, Paraíba, Brazil

2018 - Trash Art Exhibition - Atibaia, São Paulo, Brazil


Projects / Festivals


2020 - Graffiti Art Feira - Feira de Santana, Bahia, Brazil


2020 - Leve Arte para o Parque - Juazeiro, Bahia, Brazil


2019 - Cowparade Brasil - Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

2019 - Festival Além da Rua - Sousa, Paraíba, Brazil


2019 - Origraffes Festival - Serra, Espirito Santo, Brazil